pläkä\ /\ plägä


Suomen slangisanakirjaa. 2013.

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  • plā-k-1: plǝ-k-, ple-k- : plō̆ -k-, plei-k- and pelǝ-g- : plā-g- : plǝ-g- —     plā k 1: plǝ k , ple k : plō̆ k , plei k and pelǝ g : plā g : plǝ g     English meaning: wide and flat     Deutsche Übersetzung: “breit and flach, ausbreiten”     Note: extension from pelǝ S. 805     Material: Gk. πλάξ, κός ‘surface, plain,… …   Proto-Indo-European etymological dictionary

  • plāk- — I. plāk 1 Also plak . To be flat. Earliest form *pleə₂k , colored to *plaə₂k , contracted to *plāk . Extension of pelə 2. Derivatives include fluke1, flaw1, plead, placenta, and archipelago. 1. floe, from …   Universalium

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